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Strategy Sprints

The two-day facilitated strategy sprint will tentatively be broken down into two days.

Day 1

Day 2

  • Crafting a Vision

  • Understanding your Audience

  • Crafting Objectives and Key Results

  • Shark Tank Pitches

  • Review of Pitches

  • Importance of Prioritization

  • Prioritization of Objectives

  • Mapping your Organization's Impact

  • Measuring Impact to Ensure Success

Dedicated Project Management Consulting

ImpactBeta’s approach to strategy and management support reflects a unique combination of leading managerial approaches.

Agile management principles and techniques help organizations deliver high-quality products faster and with greater success.


Design Thinking Paradigms and tools help organizations more deeply understand the needs of their users and ways to prototype and test solutions.


Data analytic approaches based on foundational understandings of statistics and econometrics help organizations measure what matter and understand how to achieve their desired impact.

Tailored Research

Research can include discovery broad and focused audiences to help understand their needs and experiences. Research can also include community studies and gap analyses to help identify where the organization can offer the greatest impact.